What is the APPGA?

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Autism (APPGA) is a formal cross-party backbench group of MPs and Peers who share an interest in autism and Asperger syndrome. It was set up in February 2000. Its role is to campaign in Parliament for greater awareness of autism and Asperger syndrome, and to lobby the Government for improved services for people with autism and Asperger syndrome, and their carers. Its secretariat is provided by the National Autistic Society.

The official objective is:

"To raise awareness of issues affecting people with autism and Asperger syndrome, their families and carers; to raise Parliamentary awareness of autism; to campaign for changes to government policy to benefit people with autism and Asperger syndrome and improve diagnosis or, support for, people with autism and Asperger syndrome."

The APPGA does not have any powers to introduce legislation, nor is it part of Government. But it provides a useful platform for important and topical issues around autism to be discussed and raised in Parliament.

"Can I join the APPGA?"

Only members of the House of Parliament and House of Lords can join the APPGA. Everyone else can join our distribution list and get invites to our public meetings. Email appga@nas.org.uk and ask to be added to the distribution list.